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Category: Managed Services

The Ultimate Guide To Remote Office Setup

Businesses throughout all industries saw a huge uptick in the need for remote work throughout 2020. The desire for telecommuting, or working from home or other remote location, is not simply a trend. According to Forbes, surveys show that 74% of professionals expect remote work to become standard and that...

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IS&T Can Help With Microsoft Office 365 Solutions Implementation

Now more than ever individuals and businesses are turning to the cloud to streamline and optimize how they use information technology. By harnessing the power of the cloud, users can access their files, systems, applications, and communication platforms from anywhere with an internet connection, creating a more efficient and productive...

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What To Look For In IT Consulting Partners

There are many essential aspects of running a successful business, not the least of which includes IT management and support. For modern businesses, having a solid IT infrastructure and management plan is key to succeeding in areas such as e-commerce, daily operations, and online presence. However, many businesses find that...

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Getting The Right Small Business IT Support

How do you define a small business? Is it by the number of employees a business has or the amount of money it makes? According to the US Census Bureau website, small businesses can be defined by both firm size and revenue. However, no matter what factors you use to...

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Learn More About Latest Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is growing in popularity as an effective tool for cybercriminals and hackers. This style of malware encrypts personal or business system’s files, locking the owner out of the system completely. Once activated, the malware makes data, files, systems, and applications inaccessible. The cybercriminal then demands a ransom in exchange for the restoration of...

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Things To Consider When Looking For Houston Tech Support

Outsourced tech support has become a popular choice for many businesses, large and small. It allows business’s in-house IT staff to stay focused on essential tasks while also giving the business the tailored, personalized support it needs. It’s also cost effective for businesses without a dedicated IT team.For Houston businesses...

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10 Step Guide To Finding The Best Managed IT Services

As businesses become more reliant on technology to grow within their industries, business owners are faced with the need to maintain a wide variety of IT services. This task can be daunting and often cost-prohibitive, especially considering the rapid advancements that are consistently made in the IT industry. For many...

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The Importance Of Data Backup And Storage

As a business owner, you prioritize protecting your business in many ways. Whether it’s installing security systems to keep your office safe or purchasing business insurance policies to guard against potential financial damages, you know how important it is to prepare for the unexpected. However, as your business becomes increasingly...

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What To Look For In An App Development Company

In today’s market, having a mobile app has become nearly synonymous with success in many industries, particularly retail, tech, health & wellness, hospitality & food service, finance, travel, and entertainment. In order to succeed in these industries, your app will need to look great, exceed customer and client expectations, perform...

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The Advantages Of Local Help Desk Support

The landscape of IT as it pertains to supporting businesses and organizations is complex and always evolving. To manage the many aspects of IT that help your organization run – networks, equipment, software, telecommunications, data, security, and more – help desk support can be extremely helpful, whether as an addition...

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