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Over the last two decades, IS&T has cultivated an extensive network of business relationships and honed an uncanny ability to locate passive talent, with skill levels spanning everything from temporary staff members to those qualified for c-suite positions. Our comprehensive staffing solutions help businesses throughout the Houston area and beyond secure and optimize the most strategic and impactful component to overall success — quality team members.

Our staffing process is designed to deliver results using our staffing consultants' keen eye for talent and deep understanding of the culture, industry, and needs of each business we work with. We begin our partnerships with clients by running comprehensive assessments of the business. We work closely with you to understand your business's current circumstances, identify opportunities for growth, and help to implement the right staffing changes necessary to achieve your long-term goals. By assessing the differences between where you are and where you'd like to be, we can build a successful search strategy to close the gap and arm your business with the right people, expertise, and abilities. Contact us today to see how our process works for you and your business.

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As the fourth largest city in the United States and the largest in Texas, Houston is no question a central hub for business and commerce. In fact, the city is home to twenty-four Fortune 500 companies' headquarters. The businesses that call the greater Houston area and its suburbs home span all industries, including some of the most important and influential, such as information technology, engineering, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, finance, oil and gas, and much more. In addition to major corporations and large businesses, Houston is also home to countless small and medium businesses, many of which belong to and give back to the local community.

With these facts in mind, it's understandable why finding top talent can be a challenge in Houston. Candidates have many choices available to them and multiple top industries are competing against one another for the best talent. This makes Houston a difficult place to find new hires, particularly in C-level positions or specialized positions like IT or engineering. Even more so, without the right staffing knowledge, experience, or support. To stay competitive without spending too much time or money, many Houston-based businesses turn to executive search firms or staffing solutions providers to find the ideal team member.

It's in this way that IS&T and our experienced staffing professionals help businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas. For over two decades, IS&T has been one of Houston's premiere staffing firms, specializing in IT and engineering. We provide staffing services to businesses both large and small and across all of Houston's top industries.

IS&T's Staffing & Recruiting Services Offered

Whether your business is looking to fill a temporary/seasonal position or you're looking for your next chief executive officer or leadership team member to take your organization to the next level, the staffing professionals at IS&T are ready to help you find the perfect placement.

Our staffing team has helped organizations find staffing solutions for all types of positions, from level-one help desk support technicians to C-suite positions in industries like IT and engineering. We've spent over twenty years building a solid and reliable network of business connections to ensure our clients get the best that the Houston talent pool has to offer.

We utilize our knowledge of your business and the Houston business community to source talent, handle interviews, complete background checks and vetting processes, and even work with you to onboard the new hire if needed. With IS&T's staffing team on your side, you can eliminate much of the stress associated with staffing while also reducing costs and giving your in-house HR team and management level more time to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Our types of staffing services offered include the following:

IT Staffing

Whether your business needs new technicians, developers, engineers, programmers, or even a new IT sales or marketing expert, our connections to the Houston IT community can ensure you find an employee who meets your needs. From temporary staff, to contract-to-hire, and everything in between, IS&T makes IT staffing easier and more successful by using our vast pool of qualified talent, unique knowledge of the IT industry, and local connections to Houston's wide range of business industries to fill open positions.

IT Recruiting

When your business needs high-level, full-time information technology employees such as executives or C-level professionals, finding the right person can not only be a difficult process, but it can be paramount to your business's overall success. IS&T aims to be a valuable part of the IT recruiting process by finding the right long-term employee for your business's specific needs. As a dedicated business partner, IS&T has a vested interest in your long-term success and our IT recruiters demonstrate this by treating each high-level placement as important as we would in our business. We've spent decades building a network of business relationships that make us experts in IT recruiting for Houston businesses across all industries.

Engineering Recruiting

Engineering requires talent to have a broad discipline of work, which makes sourcing and placing qualified talent very challenging, especially given how quickly the industry moves and how paramount deadlines in the industry can be. IS&T's engineering staffing works in the greater Houston area, providing the experienced and knowledgeable engineering recruiters needed to quickly and effectively place qualified engineers in the right positions. Whether your business needs engineering recruiting for temporary positions, a special project, or on a permanent basis, IS&T works with premiere candidates in Houston and its surrounding areas to fill roles at all levels and throughout all facets of engineering.

Our engineering staffing services include the following specialties:
  •    Mechanical Engineering
  •     Chemical Engineering
  •     Electrical Engineering
  •     Civil Engineering
  •     Environmental Engineering
  •     Biomedical Engineering
  •     Computer Engineering
  •     Aerospace Engineering
  •     Industrial Engineering
  •     Software Engineering
  •     Materials Engineering
  •     Automotive Engineering
  •     Systems Engineering
  •     Electronic Engineering
  •     Nuclear Engineering
  •     Marine Engineering
  •     Petroleum Engineering
  •     Structural Engineering
  •     Transportation Engineering
  •     Mining Engineering
  •     Agricultural Engineering

IS&T – Top Executive Search Firm in Houston, TX

When your business chooses to work with an IT staffing firm like IS&T, you're shifting the responsibility of lengthy search processes, battling tough competition for top-qualified candidates, and negotiation processes to the professionals. Your business will experience relief from time-consuming and frustrating staffing procedures while still reaping the benefits of a fully-vetted, informed, experienced, and comprehensive search.

IS&T has been providing executive search and staffing solutions to businesses throughout Houston and beyond since the late '90s. We're in the business of not just finding the right talent at the right time, but also the business of partnering with our clients for the long term. We aim to form secure working relationships with our clients to foster trust in our ability to find the quality candidates you need.

At IS&T, your staffing and executive search needs are our number one priority. This value has been a key factor in making us the premiere IT and engineering staffing firm in the Houston area. Contact us today to begin the process of growing your business, from executive-level professionals to temp-to-hire candidates. See why we're one of the most recommended executive search firms in the greater Houston area.
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