Retail Energy Website Design and Development

IS&T has extensive knowledge and experience in building proven web solutions for the Retail Energy Provider, or REP, marketplace. We know the unique needs, requirements, and struggles in this arena and can help any Retail Energy business navigate the complexities of building a new website or online enrollment system.

Retail Energy

Retail Energy Website Design, Online Enrollment, & Backend Admin Systems


The Retail Energy market is complex, highly competitive, and technically challenging. The same applies when developing Retail Energy Provider Web Strategies & Solutions. It's not enough to have an aesthetically pleasing website, online enrollment process, and backend admin system. You need comprehensive Retail Energy Provider solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use while also being scaleable and applicable to your business model. There are so many different vendors providing their own specific pieces and parts of the overall Retail Energy solution – legal documentation, credit checks, online payment processing, and more. Managing them all, integrating each, and understanding how they all fit together is a very unique challenge.

We have years of experience navigating the challenges specific to the Retail Energy web solutions. We have built complete and partial solutions for some of the top Retail Energy companies in business today and have spent years building solid relationships with top vendors in the REP sector. 

Retail Energy Provider Website Design 


Our REP websites feature custom, responsive designs as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow for REP business owners and brokers to easily manage their website content.

Online Enrollment For Retail Energy 


We can also design user-friendly and customonline enrollment systems. With our comprehensive understanding of the REP enrollment workflow, vendor integrations, and legal requirements we make online enrollment for REP businesses easy.

Retail Energy Broker & Campaign Functionality


IS&T understands that for many Retail Energy Providers, having brokers and campaigns are key aspects of the business. We can design REP websites with broker and campaign functionality as well as create individual login portals for brokers and campaign managers to manage their own front-facing webpages.

Custom Retail Energy Web Solutions


We understand that two Retail Energy Providers are the same. That’s why all of our REP services and solutions are custom-built for each provider’s specific needs. We are committed to making the process of launching an REP business easier in order to get our clients to market more quickly — all while at a significantly lower cost than you might imagine.

Retail Energy Website Features

Here are just some of the most requested and most popular Retail Energy Solution development products and systems we have built for companies big and small:
  • Custom Website Frontend Marketing & Development
  • Mobile Apps & Responsive Design
  • Custom CMS (Content Management System) Development & Training
  • Energy Enrollment Workflow & Process Consulting
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Energy Plan Customization & Control
  • Solar, Electricity, & Natural Gas
  • ESID & Address Lookups
  • 40+ Markets
  • Legal Document Management
  • State, City, Zip Code, LDC, TDSP Control & Configuration
  • Broker Portal/Management
  • Campaign/Affinity Group Management
  • Integration with Top Billing Platforms (ESG, Excelergy, ECI, Hansen)
  • My Account (Usage, Preferences, Pay Your Bill, Renewals, Multiple Accounts, etc.)
  • Credit Check (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) & Payment Systems Integration (Chase,, Wells Fargo, Swoosh ePay, Bank of America, TSYS, iCheck)
  • API & "Middle-Ware" Web Service Integration
  • Security, Hosting, Consulting and more...

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