SkillPUSH is a industry-first proactive, dual profile, bi-directional professional networking application geared toward information technology (IT) professionals. SkillPUSH offers a blended web-based professional networking, job board, applicant tracking system (ATS) and vendor management portal.

The problem with the current state of online recruiting:


Today’s on-line recruiting model is inefficient: candidates post their résumé online and wait for hiring managers to find them; hiring managers post job openings online and wait for candidates to contact them. This model does not proactively or intuitively connect candidates with hiring managers and vice-versa.

Candidates on competative networking sites have to have a public facing profiles.  This eliminates the blue chip talent for fear they would be exposed for actively or passively looking with the current employer 

The solution provided by


SkillPUSH creates a new online proactive recruiting / staffing model by providing a bi-directional dynamically changing professional networking conduit between candidates and hiring managers.

SkillPUSH achieves this unique ability by allowing users to create a single or dual role profiles.   We define dual role profiles as a user having the ability to create both:

1 - Candidate Profile - defined as a user who is open to receiving job opening notices and hiring manager inquiries as a potential candidate.  This profile can be either publicly viewed or confidential profile based on user preferences   
2 - Hiring Manager Profile – defined as a user who is currently employed as a hiring manger that looks to receive candidate profiles to be considered for hire and create job postings.   
Both the Candidate and Hiring Manager profiles receive bidirectional professional network connections to each other using skillset matching as the vehicle for a creating dynamic professional network.

 A SkillPUSH user can have both a Candidate Profile that receives job notices hiring manager inquiries and a Hiring Manager Profile that receives candidate profiles  

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