PHP Development Services

PHP Expertise for any Web Solution

PHP is a robust and extremely popular server-side language that is one of the most popular open source programming languages for dynamic web applications in use today. PHP along with MySQL, Linux and Apache, popularly known as the LAMP stack (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) ,is the platform of choice for the rapid development in the global competitive market for deploying low-cost, reliable, scalable, secure web applications for small to large scale websites and web applications.

PHP Application DevelopmentPHP is unique because of its ability to function in almost all platforms and MySQL helps to accumulate large amount of information in a structured form for easy accessibility. All of this combined makes the PHP/MySQL pairing extremely appealing. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software, with over 100 million copies of its software downloaded or distributed throughout its history. With its superior speed, reliability, and ease of use, MySQL is the solution of choice for dynamic database driven websites (where people often come to get fully customized information). Site owners can also use the functionality MySQL provides to add information and updates to their websites when required and retain more traffic to their website. In this highly competitive, constantly changing economic trend, PHP/MySQL has become one of the most popular and fastest growing technologies for building dynamic web pages and applications.

Here are just some of the most requested and most popular web application development solutions we provide:
  • Custom website development
  • MySQL DBA (database administrator)
  • Dynamic Website development
  • Web Services development
  • Web Portal development