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What Is Backup And Disaster Recovery

October 12, 2021 | By: IS&T

With remote work causing businesses an extraordinary increase in cybersecurity threats, it’s never been more important to have a backup and disaster recovery plan. Sensitive client data, business information, and more are at risk of being corrupted, held for ransom by cybercriminals, or lost forever. Beyond cybercrime, natural disasters also pose risks to business online systems and data. No matter what causes data loss, businesses who have experienced it can agree that having a backup and disaster recovery, or BDR, solution in place can make all the difference. 

Let’s dive into the world of BDR to cover what it is, why it’s important, and how to get it set up for your business.

What is backup and disaster Recovery

A backup and disaster recovery solution is a proactive way for businesses to protect their online systems and data. Often when data loss is experienced, businesses scramble to find solutions to help recover their data and reactivate their systems. With BDR, businesses can rest easy because the solution will protect their data, backup their systems, and safely store it all until the need arises to restore everything. This is an essential step for businesses because it ensures that no matter what happens – a cybersecurity breach, a natural disaster, or an employee deleting critical data – there is a backup of the system that can be quickly and easily restored. BDRs help lower downtime and costs in the event of a data loss incident. 

Let’s go over a few key ways that a backup and disaster recovery solution does its job. 

Automated Data Backup

The best BDR solutions don’t just back up your systems once or twice. The most effective BDRs are those that offer automated, consistent, and incremental backups. Some systems back up as often as every five minutes. This type of schedule ensures that no matter when an issue arises your business does not lose anything and is safe from data loss. 

Automated backups are especially important as ransomware becomes an ever-increasing threat. During ransomware attacks, cybercriminals hold your business’s data for ransom. If you have a data backup that is consistent and current, you can avoid entertaining the idea of paying the ransom and focus all of your attention on getting your system back up and running. 

Tight Data Security

Any information that is backed up by a BDR solution must also be protected so that it remains an ironclad solution in the event of a data loss incident. The best BDR systems have enterprise-grade data encryption, which encrypt data, store it at various data centers that are off-site, and ensure full and total data protection. Tight data security is essential not only to protect your system but also to be compliant with local and federal laws that are in place for certain industries like healthcare and finance.

Disaster Recovery

To fully recover from a major data loss incident, your BDR should provide a step-by-step process to reupload your data and get your business back online. When looking for BDR solutions, look for those that have virtual servers that can assume the role of your main servers while they are being repaired. This ensures that your business is never fully down, which helps maintain your reputation with clients and customers. The best BDR solution providers will help guide you through the process and ensure the transition is as quick as possible. 

IS&T – Providing Essential Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

backup disaster recovery

For over twenty years, IS&T has been providing IT services, including backup and disaster recovery solutions, to businesses large and small throughout Houston and beyond. In our decades of experience, we know that most businesses will experience some form of data loss at one point or another. That said, we know how important being proactive can be when it comes to saving time, money, and more after a data loss event. We aim to educate all of our clients on the importance of a comprehensive BDR solution.

Our BDR solution is one of the most reliable and secure on the market. It offers a comprehensive approach to preventing and remediating data loss and is backed by our team of knowledgeable IT professionals who can guide you through the process no matter what comes your business’s way. 
Protect your business today before it’s too late. Contact us to learn more about our BDR solution and see how you can start backing up your data and systems now.