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The Importance Of Properly Configuring Office 365 For The Tightest Security

February 17, 2021 | By: IS&T

Whether large or small, businesses throughout the nation are finding maximized productivity and streamlined operations by implementing Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solutions. Office 365 offers the same great Microsoft applications, products, and services businesses have come to expect and love, but with the added convenience, intelligence, and connectivity features of the cloud.

But for many businesses who have yet to take the leap to cloud-based solutions, security is often cited as a major concern. Is moving your business to the cloud safe? The answer is yes, but only if the proper configurations are made and all security-related tasks and best practices are followed.

Office 365 Seucrity & Configuration Services

Office 365 features a variety of settings, features, and functions that help to protect your organization’s security. However, not all of the security configurations available within Office 365 are automatically enabled. Admins and users must customize configurations to optimize security according to their business’s specific needs. Business owners can ensure better security by taking the following proactive steps:

  • Setting up multi-factor authentication
  • Using dedicated admin accounts
  • Configure mail settings for optimum cybersecurity protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks
  • Configure mailbox encryption settings
  • Enable Safe Links and Safe Attachments settings

Knowing which settings to enable and how to configure the various features Office 365 has to offer can be difficult for the average user. Often, to achieve the best possible configuration, an expert is needed.

Security Tasks

In addition to configuring settings within Office 365, there are general security maintenance tasks that need to be done regularly to ensure optimal performance and security. Some of these tasks include updating software regularly, consistently ensuring security compliance for changing industry/government regulations, and having a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Depending on how your business utilizes Office 365, there may be other maintenance steps to take.

You Can use Office 365 on any device

Security Best Practices

Admins and employees should be educated on security best practices so when they’re working in the cloud, they do not expose your business systems to cyber security risks. Some of the best practices that all users should follow include:

  • Using strong passwords
  • Changing passwords regularly
  • Enabling available security features on devices
  • Avoiding suspicious links, emails, and websites

For many business owners, the process of configuring Office 365, performing the recommended security tasks, and teaching employees the right security measures for everyday use seems too daunting. That’s why working with an expert is the ideal solution. By partnering with an experienced third-party provider who knows the ins and outs of Office 365, your business can experience the benefits of the cloud without the frustration of choosing a plan, migrating business data, and setting up the proper configuration.

IS&T – Office 365 Experts

At IS&T we help businesses of all sizes and industries find and implement the ideal Office 365 solution for their needs. Not only can we provide expert advice on which Office 365 plan would be the best fit for your business, but we can also migrate your business systems, mailboxes, and data to ensure a seamless transition. During this process we offer professional configuration to ensure your Office 365 solution is optimized for the best possible security. If needed, we can also help maintain your office 365 security with ongoing maintenance, updates, and more.

Contact us today to see how your business could benefit from Office 365 and IS&T’s expert approach to configuration and implementation!