A Good Backup And Disaster Recovery Plan Can Prevent Data Loss

July 15, 2020 | By: IS&T

Modern businesses are reliant on technology to fuel their everyday operations. From storing sensitive company and client data to running the systems that keep daily processes going, business owners count on the functionality and security of their IT to keep things up and running. In the event of a network issue, a cybersecurity breach, or other disaster that could cause data loss, businesses face the potential of losing valuable company data, becoming inoperable for a significant length of time, and losing their positive reputation with clients who expect a certain level of security and reliability.

The answer to how best to approach data loss goes beyond just taking preventative measures – it’s also important for business owners to have a solid Backup and Disaster Recovery, or BDR, solution in place.

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A Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a comprehensive, proactive solution specifically designed to protect data, backup systems, and restore systems as quickly as possible in the aftermath of a network issue, cybersecurity breach, or other data loss incident. In addition to offering unparalleled peace of mind, BDR solutions can virtually eliminate downtime associated with incidents and save businesses money long term.

Here we’ll discuss the main components of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that business owners should look for when searching for the right solution for their needs.

Consistent & Automated Data Protection

Gone are the days that a single, or even occasional, backup could serve as a sufficient method of protection against data loss. In today’s business IT landscape, data is constantly changing, meaning businesses need BDR solutions that offer continuous data protection via automatic, incremental backups. A top of the line Backup and Disaster Recovery solution should back up data as a low as every few minutes to ensure that data is safe regardless if or when an incident occurs.

Data Security

Data that is backed up by your BDR solution must be protected to ensure that it cannot be lost or compromised in any way. The ideal method for data security is enterprise-grade data encryption, which involves encrypting data and storing it at various, off-site data centers to ensure it’s fully protected. With high-level data security measures in place, your BDR solution can help protect against loss while staying compliant with local and national regulatory laws.

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Virtual Servers & Disaster Recovery

The best Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions also offer provisions for how businesses will stay functional during an incident and in its aftermath. Because not many businesses can afford a lengthy period of downtime associated with a network issue or security breach, look for BDR solutions that offer virtual servers which can assume the role of your server during malfunction and repair. Then ensure the solution offers a solid, reliable plan on how to restore your data and get systems functional again. This will ensure that your business is up and running more quickly, remains protected, and is backed up even while issues are being addressed.

IS&T’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

As professionals in IT for over 20 years, the team at IS&T knows that there are two types of businesses when it comes to data loss – those who have experienced it and those who will. That’s why we make it a priority to discuss BDR with all of our clients and offer an expert-level solution. Our BDR solution is a reliable, secure, and comprehensive approach to preventing and remediating data loss, ensuring your business is fully protected and can rebound from potentially devastating incidents as quickly and easily as possible.
A data loss incident, network issue, or cybersecurity attack can greatly affect your business’s reputation, finances, and more. Let us protect your business today by contacting us to learn more about our BDR solution.

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