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Cloud Migration Services

Migrating Servers and enterprise applications to the cloud needs to start with a comprehensive architecture design and planning, and success is achieved only through strong technical execution. Migrating applications and services over Cloud can be a tedious process but our migration services helps in a smooth transitioning, applications services and components from in-house, Data Center or Virtualized environment to the cloud, where your solutions and application can be provided on on-demand basis. So, the customers could leverage less capital expenditures and operating costs while also benefiting from the dynamic scaling, multi-tenancy , high availability and greater uptime.

Cloud Migration Process:

Scope Analysis

This phase includes study of existing infrastructure and architecture for checking from cloud migration prospective.

Cloud Migration Implementation

In this phase, new cloud based architecture is designed and modifications/deployment automation for the application is performed to suite the cloud platform. Final execution of the implementation plan is included in this phase.

Migration and Testing

Application code and data is migrated into the new cloud infrastructure and do regression tests. Also, we implement security best practices which match to the migrated application environment.

Disaster Recovery Planning

This phase includes planning and implementation of automated backup procedure, there by the client has a best disaster recovery plan in place.

Monitoring and Support

The migrated applications and servers are continuously monitored for performance spikes and security issues and fine tune as needed.


We'll help you:

  • Identify and propose what to safely move to the cloud.
  • Minimize downtime when moving to the cloud.
  • Save time and money.
  • Propose suitable architecture for a better scalability.
  • Implement best security practices .
  • Post-implementation 24/7 Monitor and Support.

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