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How to Spot a Phishing Email - Tips #3

How to Spot a Phishing Email - Tips #3
  • June
  • 23
  • 2017

How to Spot a Phishing Email - Tips #3! 

Every day countless phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. How do you tell the difference between a phishing message and a legitimate message? This is our third and final email on How to Spot Phishing Email Tips. We hope these have been helpful! 

Tip #1 - The message appears to be from a Government Agency

Phishing artists who want to use intimidation don't always pose as a bank. Sometimes they'll send messages claiming to have come from a law enforcement agency, the IRS, the FBI, or just about any other entity that might scare the average law-abiding citizen. These agencies have to follow certain protocols and they do not typically use email as an initial point of contact.

Tip #2 - Something just doesn't look right

Casino security teams are taught to look for anything that JDLR - just doesn't look right, as they call it. The idea is that is something looks off, there's probably a good reason why. This same principle almost always applies to email messages. If you receive a message that seems suspicious, it's usually in your best interest to avoid acting on the message.

Tip #3 - The offer seems too good to be true

There is an old saying that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. That holds especially true for email messages. If you receive a message from someone unknown to you who is making big promises, the message is probably a scam.

Tip #4 - You didn't initiate the action

Have you ever received an email message informing you that you have WON the LOTTERY!!! I have, the only problem is that I do not play the lottery. If you get a message informing you that you have won a contest you did not enter, you can bet that the message is a scam.