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Advantages of Dot Net Application Development Over Other Frameworks

  • July
  • 11
  • 2019

The Dot Net framework is considered to be the programming model that supports creating and running of software apps for Windows Server, Windows, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone, and XML Web services. It is created by Microsoft and is used on Microsoft. The framework has a large class library which is known as Framework Class Library and Common Language Runtime which offers language support across various programming languages.

The framework was written so as to overcome various issues of dot net application development that include the ability to change the apps quickly, long time to develop, high cost of software and simple deployment.

Benefits of Dot Net Framework

The success or failure of any type of project entirely depends upon the return on investment. Both the time taken as well as the quantum of profits is the major aspects of calculating ROI. The features mentioned below facilitate the developmental reduction as well as the cost of operation for efficient IT organization.

  • Deployment

With features like personal components, no-impact apps, side-by-side version, controlled sharing of code and trusted code, Dot Net makes the deployment simple after development.

  • Less code and more reuse of coding

This framework is beneficial for object-oriented programming that eliminates the use of unnecessary codes and involves fewer codes for developers. Dot Net has various re-usable codes along with the components. This leads to less time and automatically less cost for the development of the application.

  • Security

Dot Net offers an increase in application security as the website apps developed with the help of ASP.NET have Windows configuration and confirmation. CLR and managed code offer safeguard feature like security based on code and role-based security.

  • Authenticity

Since it got released in 2002, Dot Net is used to develop various applications. Its performance was given on 2003 and 2000 Microsoft Windows Server is also very authentic and stable.

  • Usability across various platforms and languages

Dot Net let the developers develop apps for a browser, desktop or the app running on PDA. Dot Net is known the best as a language-independent framework which signifies development can take place in various languages like C++, C#, COBOL, VB.NET, IronRuby, Python, and more.

Dot Net Framework is considered to be the best to use in different applications.