HSE Site Project Manager

Seeking HSE Site Project Manager, Houston, TX
Most work will be done on-site in Ensenada MX. While on-site they will be paid for every hour worked at straight time rate. They will also receive a housing allowance....

Specific responsibilities of the Senior HSES Specialist include but are not limited to implementing intergraded HSES Management systems for a site or project.
Provide leadership, support, and guidance for HSES activities on the project site. Ensure that the projects are executed in accordance with the Project HSES Program throughout the Mobilization, Construction, Commissioning and Demobilization phases in accordance with T.EN and client requirements. Interact with a variety of functional groups including the project management team, construction, shared services, suppliers, client representatives, and Sub-contractors.

Main accountabilities;
Involved in HSES Strategy definition and complex decision making.
Forecasts, plans, schedules, and supervises work of the HSES team on site.
Monitors site HSES compliance with local government, client, and company policy, conducts periodic safety audits.
Reviews all site accidents and assists in the coordination of accident investigations.
Reviews and arranges for the provision of site safety equipment and training as required.
Implements and supervises the site medical facility, drug and employment fit for duty programs.
Implements and supervises the site environmental program.
Promotes and enforces all safety and security programs and work rules on site.
Collaborates with personnel and supervisors to identify and correct potential environmental, safety and health hazards.

Job Scope

Develops and implements creative HSES solutions compatible with project constraints (schedule, cost, quality,) without jeopardizing HSES issues.
Assist management with their duty to implement all applicable T.EN, HSES policies and procedures.
Advise management and supervisory personnel in safe work practices and supply information required to comply with the applicable HSES policies and procedures.
Manage resources and activities of T.EN, contractors and subcontractors to support the HSES programs.
Assist project management to update the Project HSES Plan as required.
Develop, administer, and, in some cases, present HSES-training plan and modules.
Ensure that all T.EN and Subcontractor personnel have completed the projects required pre-mobilization training.
Educate management and supervision in the applicable HSES policies and procedures.
Provide HSES information for the education of management, supervision, and personnel concerning:

- Accident analysis (cause, trends, results, and corrective action),
- Analysis of inspection results and needed corrective actions,
- Safe work procedures, and
- HSES training requirements.

Communicate and promote HSES Pulse-Climate Change Initiative leading to “Continuous Improvement”
Continually maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and preparedness across T.EN project site to create a culture that prioritizes effective HSES Influence to support the I3 and PULSE processes.
Set up, track and maintain the leading and lagging statistics and metrics, determine performance trends, and prepare regular reports to senior project management and T.EN HSES personnel in Houston.
Ensure preparation, submittal, and/or maintenance of required HSES recordkeeping documentation, such as audits, inspection reports, training records, JHA’s, BBS I3 Program (COACH-Cards), injury logs, accident investigation reports, etc.;
Such as:
Weekly project HSES reports
Provide Monthly Reports to Project team, Houston Office and Client.
All Hands Safety meetings each month or as needed
Monthly Project News letter

Job Order ID#: 5302
Location: Houston, TX
Job Type: Direct Hire

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