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Top 5 Trends in Software Product Development

June 11, 2019 | By: admin

Top Trends In Software Development

The rapid changes and developments in technology hugely impact different aspects of business, especially nowadays, when business operations rely heavily on IT. Software development is an ever-evolving industry, and below are some major trends that continue to dominate digital transformation:

  1. Progressive applications – PWAs or progressive web applications are the norms these days. These are websites that look and behave like conventional apps or native mobile apps, therefore enhancing the user’s mobile experience. These websites combine the best of both browser and app technologies, providing users the best end-user experience, while maintaining less complex development and maintenance compared with conventional apps.
  2. Low-code development – Low-code development allows developers a faster and easier way to build and deploy enterprise-grade applications, enabling them to create software systems regardless of the level of their expertise n coding.
  3. Blockchain technology – You’ve probably heard about blockchain technology in relation to cryptocurrencies, but blockchain technology goes well beyond its use in the regulation of digital currency. A huge trend in software development, blockchain development makes use of peer-to-peer networks of inter-connected computers, which store data and information that can be modified by anyone with access to it. Blockchain-based applications are becoming more and more common as leading tech companies advocate for platforms based on the technology.
  4. Artificial Intelligence – AI continues to be a major driver for transformation in the digital realm, as businesses adopt AI as part of their core strategies. More and more businesses adopt AI to automate various aspects of operations and execute different tasks in order to provide fast, reliable, and high-quality services.
  5. Cybersecurity – More robust cybersecurity systems are in place to protect against huge concerns like data loss, leakage, and breaches. Businesses look to software development to ensure greater protection against these cyber threats.

These software development trends continue to dominate the market as demands for more robust, secure, and highly functional software applications continue to increase.


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