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Store and Secure Your Data With Fibertown Data Center In Houston

August 16, 2019 | By: admin


Choosing the right data center is a crucial decision for any business as your choice can either give your operations a boost or cause many stumbling blocks that could cripple your growth. When you outsource data center services, you are basically putting critical business intelligence and information in someone else’s hands, which is why you should be extra careful in choosing a facility that offers ample protection and a set of services that can contribute to your business growth.  

Fibertown Data Center Houston

Fibertown Data Center is a leading Houston data center strategically and conveniently located close to the George Bush International Airport. This 10,000 square foot data center offers the latest not only in round-the-clock security, but in carrier-neutral connectivity, redundant power as well as cooling solutions, and high-performance design.

Ensuring data center security is critical to any business operation, hence the significance of your choice of a data center. Choosing facilities like Fibertown Data Center, which guarantees robust security over data helps guarantee your business’ compliance with industry standards as well as laws regarding the safekeeping and protection of highly sensitive data. Choosing a provider that keeps in tune with industry standards is crucial in this respect.

Business preservation is another major reason you should ensure data center security. In addition to cyber threats of the virtual/digital nature, the risk of physical damage and natural disasters also pose huge threats when it comes to data security. This is why choosing a data center with ample physical security and employs good redundancy measures is important, reducing the risk of costly downtime should disasters strike.

Companies also have an obligation to uphold to their customers and clients, in terms of keeping their personal data safe and secure from physical, natural, and cyber threats—this is crucial in establishing trust and loyalty among the very people that the business serves.


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