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Listen To Your “Computer Guy”

August 21, 2019 | By: admin

IS&T manages IT for over 100+ Houston businesses.   It absolutely fails me how companies that rely so heavily on Information Technology refuse to listen to our advice to protect their IT assets and company health.

Listen To Your IT Managed Services Company

Case in point, we had a client learn a lesson the hard way….  A 25 user 4 server real-estate investment firm client has refused to listen to our advice for 2+ years.  We’ve repeatedly told them to allow us to monitor and automate server and workstation patches and updates, replace the firewall, standardized end-point protection, implement dual authentication and install an enterprise backup, failover and recovery system.    We’ve sent quotes, bribed them, told them horror stories of other IT vulnerabilities and catastrophes….   

Did they listen?  No.   Did implement any of our recommendations?  No.   Their response to our proposals: “$1,600 a month?  Not now, we have another cheaper solution, we can do this stuff ourselves, we don’t need that, we wouldn’t be a target for hackers”…

Did their IT vulnerabilities and their repeated denial/restrictions on IS&T to fix the concerns cause them to lose 100% of their systems this past weekend?   Yes, they got Cryptolocker.   They will be without their data for 2 months while we download their files from their ‘offsite backup system’ the CFO implemented for $25 per month.      

This was not a failure on IS&T’s part.  This failure lays squarely with the client for not listening to our (repeated) advice and not allowing IS&T to proactively protect them.  Now they are losing business, will miss payroll, and will pay IS&T many multiples more than the monthly management quote for us to remediate.  

I’m proud of my IS&T team.  They rallied this past weekend and rebuilt the entire infrastructure and although the client is up and running, they don’t have critical data… At $25/ month, that will take a long while to get….  

Is the client listening now?   Yep…. They’ve already ordered a new BDR (Backup Data Recovery) appliance

Point is: Listen to your computer guy!!!


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