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Facts Every Small to Medium Sized Business Should Know About Cloud Computing

November 8, 2019 | By: admin

With more advancements in technology come big changes in the way that businesses function. Today, nearly 40% of small businesses in the United States have fully migrated to cloud computing, and studies suggest that numbers are only going to rise in the coming years. These businesses are already pulling ahead of the pack, realizing great benefits that cloud computing brings to the table. If you are contemplating the use of the cloud in your own business, it pays knowing how this expanding technology is redefining the way that SMBs work. From lower overheads to increased flexibility, greater integration, and better collaboration, cloud computing can mean huge benefits to the business.

Cloud Computing FAQS

Reduced cost is one of the primary draws of cloud computing for business. Not many organizations have a budget to waste for new tech integrations, but with cloud solutions, small businesses can be able to draw significant savings, while making sure that they are not left in the dust by their competitors when it comes to technology. Virtualization and moving daily business operations to the cloud helps businesses to fully utilize hardware, reducing rack space needs, IT requirements, and power usage, among others. This likewise means much lower maintenance, installation, hardware, support, and upgrade costs.

In terms of collaboration and integration, certain tasks are also made easy by the cloud, such as the ability to store and access files on the fly, hence enabling employees to work from one master document, anywhere they may be. Cloud-hosted collaboration tools enable users to upload documents, edit and comment on them, and at the same time limit access to appropriate/authorized users. Cloud collaboration tools also make it easier for business managers to track and monitor employees’ individual progress on various assignments.

Cloud integration also brings increased flexibility, which is beneficial in today’s increasingly remote workplace. It offers increased mobility, while offering multiple ways to incorporate technology into the business strategy.

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