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Enhance Visitor Experience Through Network and Server Monitoring

August 12, 2019 | By: admin


Network and server monitoring can dramatically enhance the user experience. Not only that—it can also keep your systems secure and reduce errors and downtime. 

What is network monitoring?      

The term network monitoring is popular and widely used in the IT industry. This critical IT process involves monitoring a wide range of networking components, including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, WAN, LAN, and VM. The primary reasons why network monitoring is done is to track performance and determine issues ahead of time.

As you may have noticed, networks have evolved dramatically over the years. Before, there were only a handful of components in a network. Now, networks have more complicated designs, with numerous elements connected to each other. Through proactive and continuous evaluation of your business’ networking components, you’ll be able to optimize them, solve issues in the initial stages, and prevent network downtime or failures in the future.

What is server monitoring?

Some IT companies require separate and dedicated server monitoring procedures, even though servers are already included in the network monitoring process. That’s because managing servers is complicated, especially if they use various operating systems.

A more comprehensive server monitoring process deals with system resources like CPU usage, disk usage, memory consumption, etc. It can help you and your IT team understand the server’s system resource usage, make your management of resource utilization more effective, and ensure the seamless and end-user experience. Server monitoring provides detailed and deep insights into the health of the systems to ensure that they are functionally stable and efficiently hosting your applications.

Through server monitoring, servers are kept secure, storage systems are maintained, and the files and processors are kept up to date. You can make sure that your website is working properly at all times to make a great impression on your customers and improve the visitor experience.

Do you want to get a clear picture of your entire network infrastructure and start using network and server monitoring services? You don’t have to hire a provider right away. For now, you can opt for a free assessment to further understand your business’ unique needs and requirements. Before you choose plans, look for reliable companies that offer free, no-risk, security assessments.


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