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Advantages to Using a Colocation Service in Houston, Texas

November 5, 2019 | By: admin

The demand for colocation services continues to rise as businesses and organizations begin to embrace the benefits of having a remote server and third party-maintained facilities to operations. Colocation as a hosting option is such a popular choice for businesses as it enables organizations to obtain much needed IT department features without having to put in significant capital investment. This means having the power of large businesses to expand infrastructure capacity without costly facility leasing or construction. Through collocation, you get to store your equipment in a dedicated cabinet within a secure and maintained data center in which bandwidth, IP address, and power are supplied by a service provider.

Using A Colocation Service In Houston

Colocation or “colo” essentially enables organizations to rent space from a service provider so that your network hardware and physical servers can be housed in a secure space. Among the biggest advantages of collocation services, in addition to cost efficiency and cost savings is access to on-site IT support. With colocation service, you get to bypass huge infrastructure investments and initial setup costs, which typically come with having to build your own facilities. It allows you to share the facilities of your server provider with other hosted organizations, providing you with huge and ongoing cost savings, while taking advantage of other unique perks like robust support, IT redundancy, reduced power costs, proper security, increased bandwidth, and technological updates.

When it comes to IT redundancy, colocation provides companies huge financial benefits by reducing downtime and shielding operations from its effects. System or network outage can cost businesses millions in losses. Even a few minutes of downtime can mean significant losses when it comes to sales and overall productivity. Collocation shields your company from the effects of downtime by providing you with more robust and diversified resources and ensuring that all hardware and related technologies are functioning optimally.

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