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Month: May 2021

Life After Internet Explorer

The times are changing. Microsoft recently announced that their web browser, Internet Explorer, will be retired as of June 15, 2022. In its place, Microsoft Edge will take over. According to the company, Microsoft Edge offers a “faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience” than its predecessor. Although the future of technology is constantly...

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Things To Consider When Looking For Houston Tech Support

Outsourced tech support has become a popular choice for many businesses, large and small. It allows business’s in-house IT staff to stay focused on essential tasks while also giving the business the tailored, personalized support it needs. It’s also cost effective for businesses without a dedicated IT team.For Houston businesses...

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10 Step Guide To Finding The Best Managed IT Services

As businesses become more reliant on technology to grow within their industries, business owners are faced with the need to maintain a wide variety of IT services. This task can be daunting and often cost-prohibitive, especially considering the rapid advancements that are consistently made in the IT industry. For many...

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